B-70 Data Processing Center

Warrenton, VA
Owner Department of Defense
General Contractor Turner Construction
Schedule Duration 03/2005 to 09/2006
Architect Hankins and Anderson
Mechanical Subcontract Value $13MM

Project Overview

Bell was selected to perform the mechanical and plumbing system installation for the new 184,000 square foot DOD security class data center and warehouse facility.  Bell performed the mechanical and plumbing piping, equipment, including all HVAC ductwork and the new fuel oil system consisting of two 40,000 gallon underground storage tanks, a stand-alone pumping station and 4000 feet of fuel oil piping.

The facility’s mechanical requirements included: 2400 tons of refrigeration with a primary/secondary arrangement from eight 400-ton water cooled chillers, and eight 240,000 CFM dry cooler bays. Combined with 90 individual computer room units and two 210 kW boilers, the HVAC system included  23,000, 10,000 and 7,500 CFM air handling units and an HVAC smoke purge exhaust system that completely evacuates a 24,000 square foot area in nine minutes.