Pentagon Heating and Refrigeration Plant

Arlington, VA
Owner Pentagon, Washington HQ Services
General Contractor Bell
Schedule Duration 03/1993 to 08/1998
Contract Value $83MM
Architect / Engineer Black & Veatch

Project Overview

Seeking to modernize aging infrastructure, Bell was hired by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to take total construction responsibility for a new heating and refrigeration plant to service the entire Pentagon complex. The extensive project, which ultimately resulted in a facility capable of producing 240,000 lbs/hr of steam and 37,500 tons of refrigeration, was performed without disrupting operations at the complex’s heating and refrigeration facility. 

A critical element of the construction project was an extensive site utility program that involved two 90-inch tunnel bores under Jefferson Davis Highway and various underground utility piping that included 40,000 lf of reinforced concrete ductbank and 27,000 lf of water, storm, sanitary and process water systems. The project also included 18,000 cy of concrete, 50,000 sf of sheeting and shoring systems, as well as 108,000 lf of H piles.