Newport News MOF Expansion

Newport News, VA
Newport News Shipbuilding
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Burns & McDonnell
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Burns & McDonnell
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Project Overview

Newport News Shipbuilding is building the U.S. Navy’s newest and most advanced attack submarines in the world — the Virginia-class. Virginia-class submarines use advanced technologies to increase firepower, maneuverability, and stealth. The 377-feet long submarines are capable of submerged speeds of more than 25 knots and can stay submerged for up to three months at a time.

This project is an approximately 65,000 SF expansion to Building 4677, Modular Outfitting Facility. Comprised of four (4) bays for assembling submarines, this project increases the building length by 196’, from 420’ to 616’. This facility consists of nine (9) levels with catwalks and platforms and is 126’ tall.

Piping / Plumbing Distribution:

  • Extend existing piping and instrumentation systems to multiple workstations spaced out along the bays and on levels. Systems include Inert Gases, Oxygen, Water (de-mineralized & city), Propane, Nitrogen, High-Pressure Compressed Air, Chiller Water, Steam and Condensate, and Natural Gas.


  • Unit heaters at stairwells and platforms
  • Ventilation system includes eight (8) 40,000 cfm direct gas-fired make-up air units to deliver ventilation air to offset exhaust air requirements
  • Heating system includes four 94) 14,000 cfm direct as-fired blow-thru space heater units that induce a large volume of fresh, warm air during the winter months to eliminate stratification and cold drafts
  • Ship exhaust unit system includes eight (8) 25,000 cfm industrial centrifugal, up-blast fans