Design / Build

Design-Build project delivery showcases Bell’s extensive mechanical and plumbing experience and adoption of Design-Build project delivery has steadily increased over the past decade as Owners, Construction Managers and General Contractors have become aware of its benefits. Bell is an award-winning Design-Build Contractor and is a proponent of this delivery method because of these benefits:

Single Point of Responsibility–Bell maintains long-standing collaborative relationships with mechanical design firms in our target locales, and together we form a single cohesive team with a track record of designing and constructing systems that meet or exceed the objectives of the project.

Reducing Cost– Early collaboration on design means Bell can help develop low-cost solutions that meet the project’s objectives. By engaging early in the design cycle, issues with constructability can be identified and resolved and long-lead items with cost escalation risks can be identified.  Our team can also spot opportunities for fabrication that save our clients time and money.

Controlling Schedule - Constructability reviews and pre-fabrication planning help maintain project schedules through efficient use of material and labor, and identification of long-lead items.

Improving Quality – Bell is driven to meet and exceed the project goals. Through pre-planning activities, a procurement plan for long lead items, a prefabrication plan and using BIM to identify interferences through clash detection, Bell takes preemptive steps to ensure that quality is delivered in every phase of the project.

Reducing Risk – By participating in the design process, Bell reduces risk by identifying and eliminating design errors, conflicts, and omissions before construction, thereby avoiding waste, delays, and cost overruns.