Bell is a valued design-assist partner, working in concert with Construction Managers, General Contractors and Owners.   We provide value that is the result of our extensive experience in this industry.  We know the real-world complications that can occur during the design and construction of a project, and have the problem-solving skills to help Owners and Construction Managers.

As technology and construction practices evolve, our people are continuously developing specialized skills, participating in new programs and adopting new devices to keep pace with change.  Our collaborative culture, depth of experience and understanding in heavy mechanical and plumbing construction allow us to contribute to the design and construction phases to optimize project cost, value and constructability.  We have a proven track record of providing major benefits through the design-assist delivery method:

Best Value. By providing design reviews, innovative approaches, costing, and design and equipment alternatives early in the design phase, Bell can guide the team to a cost efficient, quality design that meets the budget and project timelines.

Manage Costs.   Constructability Reviews during the design phase help us detect and resolve design conflicts, define construction sequencing, and identify scope gaps between trades prior to construction. Bell provides periodic estimates during this phase to control the budget and minimize scope growth.  

Control the Schedule. Bell actively collaborates with the design team to reduce errors and omissions in the design phase. We work with the Construction Manager to complete construction pre-planning earlier than in traditional delivery methods.   This allows Bell to shorten construction schedules for earlier project completion and owner occupancy.

Communication.  Bell builds relationships with Owner Representatives, Construction Managers, Design Teams and other Trade Contractors.  Having solid relationships with the extended team members fosters communication, and facilitates construction on a shortened schedule.