At Bell our performance is enhanced with the use of our off-site fabrication facilities located in Rochester, New York and Charleston, South Carolina. Bell, a leading construction innovator for mechanical and plumbing installations, utilizes the highest quality equipment, welding techniques, and quality control processes to furnish pre-fabricated piping assemblies and modular skid units to support our client’s projects.

Bell’s pre-planning activities enable us to develop the best applications and uses for pre-fabricated assemblies and skid modular units for both mechanical and plumbing systems. By using pre-fabricated piping assemblies and modular skid units, Bell helps clients reduce costs while delivering  ideal project site benefits. Off-site fabrications reduce on site labor demands, eliminates on-site material storage and site congestion creating a better on-job safety environment.

Bell’s facility supervisor, working with our BIM modelers, creates pre-fabricated piping assemblies easily installed at the project sites. Bell’s fabrication tradesmen are highly skilled in multiple welding processes and in utilizing computer aided drawings for work applications.

Quality and perfection is the driving factor at Bell’s fabrication facility.